Formostar Infrared Body Wrap

$150 - 90 min / $125 - 60 min

Formostar is simply a highly effective weight control, inch loss, stress relief and cellular detoxification system that is fast, easy and effective. The infrared heat fro the Formostar targeted wraps penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources to get toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the surface of the skin. The secret of Formostar is the way the deep heat therapy activates the function of blood circulation, natural enzymes and metabolism within the tissues. Burn up to 1200-1400 in just one session and lose a dress size after just 3 sessions. Check out this video! Call for details about our series. Note: Treatment comes with product for 90 minutes and without product for 60 minutes. See pricing.

Miracle Inch Loss Wrap

$135 - 80 min

Using the ancient Egyptian art of body wrapping and body contouring, you are guaranteed to lose between 6" and 12" first session. The soothing muds of northern Europe detox and improve the elasticity of your skin.


Endermatic Cellulite Reduction

Using our specially designed endermatic reduction machine and lymphatic drainage techniques, fat cells are broken down in the cellulite area of concern and removed through your body naturally. Session will focus thoroughly on specific region of concern i.e., backside of buttocks and thighs, or frontside of thighs (and stomach upon request). Prices vary. Please call for telephone consultation and prices. Cannot be purchased as gift certificate ONLINE.